About E-magin

E-magin helps our customers to streamline their communication, reduce costs and enables for increased revenue through digitization and distribution of printed publications. E-magin is born out of the company Leanback but is now a product within the digital agency Adeprimo.

Refines journalistic heritage

Our web-based tool for digital and mobile communication is used by media and communications-intensive companies in Sweden and Scandinavia. E-magin refines our journalistic heritage with the possibilities that today’s technology offers.

We are actively working on further development and conceptualization together with our customers. E-magin strengthens the publications’ brand among the target groups, dissemination areas and generates new revenue. We set high standards for ourselves and our products are of high technical level. We continually adapt technologies to the needs of our customers – always with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

How it works

Our web-based administrative interface allows you to easily produce, publish and distribute your digital publication straight from a pdf-file. Natureally, we´ll do this for you if you wish.

• Web-based tool
• Easy production from pdf-file
• The same layout as print
• Free support
• Several production formats & price models

E-magin by Adeprimo

Leanback started in 1995 as a department of the VLT, focusing on New Media. In 1997, Leanback became own company and in 2013 Leanback was bought by Adeprimo.

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